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For a simple but authentic Indian cuisine experience, Punjabi Indian is the perfect spot where you can enjoy a great laugh with your family and friends over delicious and mouthwatering dishes!

Indian food has always been famous for its rich variety of sassy sauces, traditional spices and aromatic herbs. With the globalization and advancement, Indian food is now more popular and in demand in different corners of the world.

Punjabi Indian is one of the best, warmest and most modern Indian restaurants you can find in Queensland with familiar classics, table cloths and strategically placed lights. We offer authentic Indian cuisine which includes many of the all time favorites you love, especially tandoori, making Punjabi Indian the perfect place for all of your special functions, occasions, events, corporate and business meetings.

Whether you are planning a romantic and quiet dinner with your loved one or a refreshing cocktail party, you can count on Punjabi Indian to pull off every aspect of your event in the most excellent way possible. We are in an ideal location in the heart of Queensland. We have friendly and professional staff that adds to our restaurants charm, which we believe is what sets us apart from other restaurants in the area.

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Read Testimonials from our happy customers!

We are very thankful for our valued customers for making us aware of how much they appreciate us
The food at Punjabi Indian is one of the greatest I’ve tasted. It has been a great joy to finally get to eat authentic Indian dishes. You should open a new branch soon and you can count on us to come and recommend you to our other colleagues.

Suhani F.

I have been resident of Queensland for quite some time now and my love for Indian food, especially tandoori, has made me a frequent patron in many Indian restaurants around Queensland. Now that I have tried the meals here in Punjabi Indian, I have realized that they make only the best and the most authentic tandoori here in Queensland. The rest of their dishes are also just simply lip smacking. I love to come back to Punjabi Indian over and over again and enjoy the cuisine closes to my heart. Good job, guys!

Sadaf J.

I can say that I am extremely pleased with Punjabi Indian and all the authentic cuisine they serve. This is a great illustration of true entrepreneurship. I am pretty sure that it is going to flourish and grow as a sprawling chain.

Ayushi M.

I love Indian foods for many reasons. That’s why I always find Indian restaurants near our place. Then, I bumped into Punjabi Indian and tried their foods. I wasn’t expecting much, but they nailed it. Their dishes are unique and highly recommended!

James V.

I’m a food blogger and wanted something new to post on my blog. So, I decided to try Indian foods at Punjabi Indian. I heard this place from my friends and they said good things about it. During my free time, I came here to taste some Indian foods. I was actually surprised with the taste of the foods they have served me. At first, I hesitated because it’s my first time to try some Indian foods, but I was happy that I choose Punjabi Indian. The foods were amazing. Regardless of your food preferences, no matter what your race is, Punjabi Indian will serve you Indian foods that will surely give you satisfaction and would definitely worth every penny you spent. Great job Punjabi Indian and will surely come back with my friends!

Sarah G.